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15 Best Remote Support Tools: A Detailed Comparison

Author: Helga York
Helga York Article author

Whether you’re a small IT business owner, part of a large enterprise organization’s technical support team, or just looking for the right software to help your relatives, choosing the right remote support tool is pivotal to the productivity and security of work.

Because of the different factors to consider, it might be difficult to make a decision. We’ve done a detailed research, comparing the best remote support tools, taking into consideration supported platforms, key features, type of deployment, integrations, price. Continue reading, and you’ll definitely find the best remote support solution for enterprises or small to medium businesses that will cover all your needs.

Remote Support Tools Defined

Talking of a remote support software, we usually mean a tool that allows one computer to remotely access and view the screen of another computer or device via an internet connection, commonly used by IT professionals, technical support teams, and help desk staff to provide support-based functions.

There are two types of remote support software:

  • • Attended remote support tools: requires end-user to be physically present next to his device at the time of the support session to grant permission for remote connection.
  • • Unattended remote support solutions: requires a client-side agent app installed on the end user’s device that grants permanent remote support and thus eliminates the need to get the user’s permission for each session.

We’ve tested every popular remote computer support software on the market, both free and paid, and compiled a list of the most promising ones.

Enterprise Remote Support Tools: Ensuring Security and Reliability

Enterprise Remote Support Tools

In this section, we’ll explore the best enterprise remote support tools, emphasizing security, scalability, and integration, allowing you to make an informed decision that meets your business’s specific requirements.

It is important to consider these criteria to make sure that the chosen solution will cover all the needs of your business and guarantee a smooth, reliable workflow.

Security is paramount, as confidential data and processes must be protected from unauthorized access. Scalability ensures that the enterprise remote support software you choose can meet the growing needs of your organization. Additionally, seamless integration with existing systems and applications is critical to maintaining workflow efficiency.

1. Remote Support by BeyondTrust

Best for: big enterprises looking for CRM options.

BeyondTrust Remote Support tool is definitely one of the best remote support software for enterprises, that is easily integrable with many CRM solutions and has three options for connecting a user’s device: the thick client, the web-based interface, or the mobile app. In addition to its many features, it can be easily integrated with a wide variety of ITSM, CRM, and SEIM third-party tools, supports many scripts, and will allow you to use mass installer packages. On top of that, you can set access permissions for each individual user.

Best Enterprise remote support software

Top features:

  • session launch from a ticket
  • mobile device camera sharing
  • chat transcript
  • wake-on-network
  • session logs


  • Clean and simple interface;
  • Lightweight client app;
  • No need for pre-training.


  • Expensive compared to the competitors;
  • Connection stability fails;
  • Web-based app crushes.
Price:  Contact sales to find out pricing or to get trial.
Supported OS: Windows,macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Virtual Desktop.
Compliance policies: GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOX.
Types of businesses:
  • • 63% of them, a majority, are large-size businesses with more than 1000 employees
  • • 19% of them are medium-sized
  • • 7% of them are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
Industries: According to research, BeyondTrust Remote Support is used in different industries. The largest consumers are from these sectors:
  • • 20% of the users are from higher education
  • • 16% of them are from Information Technology and Services

2. ConnectWise Control

Best for: for big businesses that need advanced security and VoIP connectivity.

ConnectWise Control is a secure self-hosted enterprise remote troubleshooting software for both attended and unattended support that allows techs to collaborate with team members and communicate with the clients. It offers integrations with various MSP, PSA, and RMM solutions as well as a GUI customization option, custom-tailored feature set, and white labeling.

Remote Support Tool for Enterprise

Top features:

  • team collaboration
  • remote meetings
  • PowerShell commands support
  • automated responses
  • app sharing
  • ConnectWise self-service portal
  • shared toolbox


  • Easy to implement and use;
  • Handy web-based interface;
  • Cross-platformity.


  • Poor product support;
  • Confusing pricing plans and navigation;
  • Some plans have no mobile support.


Subscription namePriceCondition
One$281 user, 1 connection
Standard$43per user, 3 connections
Access$53per user, 10 connections
Trial$31for unattended access
Citrix DaaSFree14-day free trial
Supported OS:  Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
Compliance policies: GDPR, HIPAA, SIG, Privacy Shield, SOC.
Types of businesses:
  • • 44% of the customers are small businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 38% are medium-sized businesses
  • • 14% are large businesses with greater than 1000 employees
  • • 45% – Technology and Services
  • • 8% – Computer Software

3. TeamViewer QuickSupport

Best for: big businesses looking for collaborative tools, integrations and multiple devices support. TeamViewer is definitely one of the most well-known enterprise remote support tools for remote access and online meetings with a free version for personal use and paid versions for businesses of any scale. All the TeamViewer versions have their basic toolset, but all those much-wanted advanced features (i.a. mass deployment, device access log, and multi-connect) are available on high-tier paid versions only.

remote support software for enterprises

Top features:

  • drag-and-drop file transfer
  • conference calls
  • video sharing
  • VPN
  • multi-user support
  • trusted device list
  • proxy support
  • SOS Button


  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Plenty of useful features
  • Multiple pricing plans


  • Mobile version for an extra fee;
  • Bandwidth-sensitive;
  • Size limit for transferred files.


Subscription namePriceCondition
TrialFree14-day free trial (business use)
Remote Access$24.91 user, 1 connection, 3 sessions, 3 connected devices
Business$50.91 user, 1 connection, 3 sessions, unlimited devices
Premium$112.915 users, 1 connection (+extra), 10 sessions, unlimited devices
Corporate$229.930 users, 3 connections (+extra), 15 sessions, unlimited devices
Supported OS:  Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS.
Compliance policies: SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR, DigiCert Code Signing.
Types of businesses (according to the research):
  • • 41% of the customers are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 38% of them are medium-sized businesses
  • • 22% of them are large-sized businesses with more than 1000 employees
  • • 20% are from Technology and Services
  • • 11% are from Computer Software
  • • 4% are from Retail
  • • 3% are from Telecommunications

4. Zoho Assist

Best for: large businesses looking for inexpensive all-in-one remote support tool. Zoho Assist is a popular cloud-based feature-rich customer support and remote access tool with a wide variety of plans. Allows to carry on an on-demand remote support session with no software client installation with the option to have a live video chat between the tech specialist and the end-user. Plus, Zoho Assist has robust transferred file protection thanks to the SSL 256-bit AES encryption algorithm and a whole array of advanced tools and features.

best enterprise remote support software

Top features:

  • remote printing
  • unattended access
  • video chat
  • session recording
  • inactive session timeout
  • wake-on-network
  • Customer Widget


  • Has affordable plan options;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Handy monitoring features.


  • No plan with all the features;
  • Only top-priced plans are mobile-friendly;
  • Demands a perfect internet connection.


Subscription namePriceCondition
Remote Support Standard$10per 1 technician
Remote Support Professional$15per 1 technician
Remote Support Enterprise$24per 1 technician
Unattended Access Standard$10per 25 unattended computers
Unattended Access Professional$15per 25 unattended computers
TrialFree15-day free trial
Supported OS:  Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS .
Compliance policies: SOC 2+ HIPAA.
Types of businesses:
  • • 27% of the customers are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 48% are medium-sized businesses
  • • 17% are large-sized businesses with more than 1000 employees
  • • 18% – Technology and Services
  • • 9% – Computer Software
  • • 5% – the Internet

5. Rescue by LogMeIn

Best for: large businesses and enterprises. Rescue by LogMeIn is one of the best cloud-based enterprise remote support software that helps organizations of any scale, provide technical support to their customers. With its help, a tech professional can handle up to 10 remote sessions in parallel and easily switch between them, while having processes like updating, installation, or check-up running in the background.

remote assistance software

Top features:

  • drag-and-drop file transfer
  • emergency reboot
  • device autodetection
  • video support


  • Diversified feature set;
  • Good connection speed;
  • User-friendly interface.


  • No support for some mobile devices;
  • Fiddly set-up on Apple devices;
  • Sometimes freezes at a restart.


Subscription namePrice
Remote Device Support$108.25
Mobile Support Add-on$37.50
Trial14-day free trial
Supported OS:  Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.
Compliance policies: PCI, GDPR, HIPAA.

Types of businesses:

  • • 22% of the customers are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 38% are medium-sized businesses
  • • 39% are large-sized businesses with more than 1000 employees

Industry (according to the research):

  • • 22% are from Technology and Services
  • • 10% are from Computer Software
  • • 5% are from Hospital & Health

6. Dameware Remote Everywhere

Best for: enterprise-scale tech support teams looking for an affordable and easy-to-use remote desktop software.

Dameware Remote Everywhere is an efficient cloud-based remote support software for enterprises that IT professionals can use. It lets them securely access remote devices and manage them easily from anywhere. This simplifies the IT management process while reducing downtime.

remote support tool

Top features:

  • remote system reboot
  • process termination
  • event log management
  • active directory (AD) domain monitoring
  • smart card authentication


  • Affordable price;
  • Breakneck connection speed;
  • Detailed info on connected devices


  • Bandwidth-sensitive;
  • Tough-to-master interface;
  • Unstable on mobile devices.


Subscription namePriceCondition
Free trial of 14 daysCompletely freeRequires no credit cards
Paid plan$589 per yearOne technician is allowed, billed annually
Supported OS:  Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android.
Compliance policies: GDPR, HIPAA.

Types of businesses (according to the source):

  • • 42% of the customers are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 38% are large-sized businesses with more than 1000 employees
  • • 10% are medium-sized businesses


  • • 16% – Technology and Services
  • • 8% – Hospital & Health
  • • 4% – Computer Software

7. RealVNC Connect

Best for: Enterprises looking for robust safety that protects remote desktop sessions.

RealVNC Connect is a client-server-type software solution that powers remote support for a wide range of purposes from tech assistance to teleworking. Has a subscription plan option tied to a specific device that has no limit for the number of employees using said device to establish remote connections. All your connections will be secured with 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption.

remote support software

Top features:

  • file transfer
  • centralized management dashboard
  • screen sharing
  • live chat
  • easy access to user’s software


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Reliable connections;
  • Minimal end-user intervention.


  • Unstable file transfer feature;
  • Challenging to set-up;
  • Outdated user interface.


Subscription namePriceCondition
Essentials$8.881 user
Plus$15.72Up to 10 users
Premium$24.15Up to 25 users
TrialFree14-day free trial
Supported OS:  Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS.
Compliance policies: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.
Types of businesses (according to the information):
  • • Large businesses with more than 10,000 employees (44 companies)
  • • Medium-sized businesses with 1,000-4,999 employees (37 companies)
  • • Small businesses with 100-249 employees (30 companies)
Industry: The top three industries using remote support by RealVNC are marketing, engineering, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Ensure Reliable and Uninterrupted Service of Enterprise Considering These Criteria

When you choose a remote support software solution to meet your enterprise needs, consider some of the factors mentioned below.

Security and Privacy

Ensure the remote support software you choose complies with the regulation prevailing in your region. It could be PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, FFIEC, CJIS, NIST, ISO, or any other regulations. The solution must help you create detailed reports easily to prove compliance.

In addition, the remote support solution must have security features like advanced encryption, granular access controls to sensitive data (like PII), least privilege enforcement, session recordings, and audit logs.

Furthermore, a remote support solution could be vulnerable in terms of security. Cyber attackers are increasingly exploiting remote support pathways and tools to access customer and end-user environments.

So, the remote support tool you choose must have the capability to mitigate those risks. And to ensure you are purchasing a secure tool, look out for these features are in it:

  • • Robust encryption along with SSL for each connected session.
  • • Capability of working through firewalls with no VPN tunneling in order to fortify your perimeter.
  • • Uses only outbound session traffic via TCP Port 443
  • • Can segment every customer through single tenant environments, ensuring your data commingles with customer data.
  • • Native 2-factor authentication or through 2FA integration from a current solution you use
  • • Support for data at rest encryption
  • • Hides plain text passwords so that customers or end users can never see it

Based on these factors, the best option would be BeyondTrust’s Bomgar.


Choose a remote support solution that supports a large number of devices and users. This will allow your organization to grow and expand seamlessly. In addition, you must get flexibility in licensing options in order to meet your enterprise needs.

Based on scalability, you could go for LogMeIn Rescue.


The remote support software you choose must seamlessly fit in your organization’s environment while being capable of integrating with other solutions you use.

Most remote support solutions offer out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRM, ITSM, and system management tools in order to reduce administrative loads. To enable seamless management and incident resolution, your technicians must be capable of:

  • • Launching remote support sessions from the change record or support ticket directly
  • • Updating support tickets with all details from the support sessions automatically and including the session recording and chat transcript in the ticket

Furthermore, you must also ask the software vendor if they provide APIs to enable custom integrations, how easy you can set up and access the added integration, and how often these integrations will be updated.

Based on integrations, ConnectWise Control is a great option as it offers integrations with many RMM, PSA, and MSP solutions.

Customization and Branding

A remote support software solution must allow you to create custom portals for every group, customer, and product user support. It must offer the following customization capabilities:

  • • Offers capability to brand your portal along with features and logo
  • • Lets you customize support invitations
  • • Use of custom watermarks
  • • Provides plenty of customization elements that include agreements, messages, public sites, exit surveys, and customer clients

Support and Vendor Reputation

Assess what all support options you will be getting from the software provider. It can include documentation, training resources, and technical support.

Apart from that, it’s important to find out about the software vendor’s reputation in the market
along with key metrics like their track record of providing reliable support, frequent updates, etc.

Platform Support

Your remote support software must allow the technicians to offer support on any platform used by them or the end user. This implies that it must offer broad support for platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

The reason is the broader the platform support, the better will you be able to standardize support with a single remote support tool. This will help enhance your incident management time, boost technician productivity, and provide more benefits.

So, before you choose a remote support tool, ask the provider how broad their platform support is, do they charge anything extra for additional services (like mobile support), and other related questions.

Based on platform support, TeamViewer is an excellent option as it supports a wide range of platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, kiosks, on or off network machines, and other devices.

Flexible Licensing and Deployment Options

Choose a remote support software that offers multiple options for licensing and deployment along with the flexibility in the process. This is to help you select the best option according to your unique organizational needs.

Typically, deployment options could be:

  • • Virtual or physical appliances
  • • Cloud subscriptions or SaaS
  • • IaaC environments like Azure, AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi, etc.

While some software vendors offer only a single option, some may offer multiple options. Nevertheless, the same vendor might also offer varying features and capabilities across various deployment scenarios.

Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the deployment model that has the features you require.

According to the above criteria, the best option would be Dameware Remote Support and Bomgar by BeyondTrust.They both offer flexible licensing and multiple deployment options.


The quality of customer support also depends on other features like effective collaboration, sharing camera remotely, and chat support. These key aspects help with speedy incident resolution, boost productivity, and offer more advantages.

Based on collaboration, you can consider Zoho Assist.

Table of comparison

For your convenience, we’ve analyzed the data we got in the process of reviewing enterprise remote support tool:

FeaturesBeyondTrustConnectWise ControlTeamViewer QuickSupportZoho AssistRescue by LogMeInDameware Remote EverywhereRealVNC
1File Transfersize limit
2Session Log
3Session Audio Recording
4Session Transferring
5Direct Remote Printing
6Text Chat
7Audio/Video Chataudio only
8Cross-Platform Access
9Free Trial7 days14 dayspersonal use15 days2 hour session14 days30 days
10Our Rating★★★★★★★★☆☆★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★★★★★★☆☆★★☆☆☆

Remote Support Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Remote Support Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Now we’re going to take a look at the best remote support software for small businesses, taking into account affordability, compatibility, and ease of use.

Affordability is important for small businesses, so growing companies can save on their budget. Since small businesses typically work with clients that use different operating systems, compatibility with existing systems is important. Ease of use is another key factor, as small businesses often lack technical expertise.

Choose software with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features. After evaluating all of these factors, you can confidently choose the remote support tool that meets the needs of your SMB.

1. HelpWire

Best for: SMBs looking for a free remote support software solution with useful, advanced features to meet their needs. 

HelpWire is one of the best remote support software for small businesses that allows businesses to offer quick support to customers without requiring on-site visits while minimizing costs. It has a proprietary, advanced remote desktop technology to enable secure and fast connections on Mac and PC. In addition, its instant connection feature through a dynamically created client application enables you to effortlessly set up a connection within a few clicks to the end client while reducing time-to-resolution. 

Moreover, HelpWire provides you with a streamlined, modern user interface that you can navigate easily as opposed to traditional remote support solutions that are challenging and complex to use. 

  • easy-to-use configuration and connection
  • file transfer
  • cross-platform support and simultaneous connections to multiple workstations


  • Intuitive and easy to use software;
  • Free for personal and commercial use;
  • Fast remote connection.


  • No session recording;
  • No mobile support.
Supported OS:  Windows, macOS.
Price: Free.

2. Splashtop SOS

Best for: small businesses searching for an affordable solution with basic functionality.

Splashtop SOS is one of the best remote support software for small business for IT teams and help desks that provide attended and unattended support services. The tool is easier to set up since its user interface is quite responsive and friendly even for beginners. In fact, the starting package of Splashtop has an excellent set of features and robust security on different levels.

remote assistance software

Top features:

  • Drag-and-Drop file transfer
  • remote reboot
  • PSA ticketing
  • desktop sharing
  • unattended access to iOs and Android devices



  • High performance;
  • Decent security level;
  • Remote control for end-users.


  • Limited simultaneous access;
  • Unhandy toolbar;
  • Hard to use on macOS.
Subscription namePrice
SOS Unlimited$34.00
7-day free trialFree
Supported OS:  Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Compliance policies: SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, HIPAA, and FERPA.
Types of businesses:
  • • 35% are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 38% are medium-sized businesses, and
  • • 21% are large businesses with more than 1000 employees
  • • 22% – Technology and Services
  • • 11% – Computer Software, and
  • • 5% – Hospital & Health Care

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Best for: small companies that will be fine with a limited set of features.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Googe’s free-to-use web-based tool for accessing computers over the Internet with the most basic toolset. No commercial use allowed! To use this service, you will need a valid Google account. The main downside is the total lack of the most basic functionality other remote support tools have, i.a. file drag-and-drop, remote reboot, chat, and also it has no multi-monitor or multi-session support.

So you can use it for IT support for small business and to access your PC from a distance or give your friend a piece of advice, but it won’t allow you to provide a professional tech support service.

CRD software

Top features:

  • clipboard syncing
  • key mapping
  • scale to fit
  • shortcut forwarding
  • unattended access


  • Cross-platform access;
  • Frequent updates;
  • Easy set-up.


  • Limited remote access to smartphones;
  • Known security problems;
  • No chat or file transfer.
Supported OS:  Browser version, Android, iOS.
Price: free.

4. FixMe.IT

Best for: IT professionals in the SMBs looking for the right combination of cost, features, and simplicity.

Techinline’s FixMe.IT is an efficient remote assistance tool that IT professionals and small to medium businesses can use. This cloud-based customer service software for small business enables technicians to connect and access remote devices and computers in order to provide faster troubleshooting and customer support.

FixMe.IT logo

Top features:

  • Multi-session support
  • secure access
  • chat
  • multiple integrations
  • file transfer options
  • customizable branding


  • Effortless to configure and use
  • Supports plenty of devices and platforms
  • Multiple integration options
  • Customizable branding
  • Affordable plans


  • Limited features and options for session recording
  • Supports no multi-monitor remote access


Subscription namePriceCondition
Monthly$30per seat
Annually$300*seat = technician
TrialFree15-day free trial
Supported OS:  macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and devices having a web browser.
Compliance policies: HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

5. AnyDesk

Best for: small business users looking for an optimized features set.

AnyDesk is one of the best remote support tools with a free version for personal use that is limited to one connected device at a time but still has all the basic functionality. The fine transfer and screen sharing features are still there for you, plus all your traffic will be protected from unauthorized access with the advanced 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. If you’re looking for customer support for small businesses, this solution might be a great option for you.

AnyDesk remote support software for SMBs

Top features:

  • file sharing
  • remote access/control
  • access permissions
  • team collaboration
  • file transfer


  • Ease of use;
  • Multiplatform support;
  • Lightweight client app.


  • Poor connection protection;
  • Unstable connection on Mac;
  • Requires fast Internet connection.


Subscription namePriceCondition
FreeFreeFor personal use
Solo$14.901 licensed user with 3 login devices, 1 connection
Standard$29.9020 licensed users in a team, 1 connection (up to 20)
Advanced$79.90100 licensed users in a team, 2 connections (up to 50)
Supported OS:  Windows, Windows Server, macOS, Linux, Raspberry PI, FreeBSD, Android, iOS, Chrome OS.
Compliance policies: Digicert Code Signing, GDPR.
Types of businesses:
  • • 27% are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 44% are medium-sized businesses, and
  • • 29% are large businesses with more than 1000 employees
Industry: The largest consumer segments using AnyDesk include:
  • • 27% – Technology and Services
  • • 13% – Computer Software, and
  • • 5% – Telecommunication

6. ISL Online

Best for: SMBs, customer support teams, and IT professionals.

ISL Online is a remote access and support software solution that’s cloud based and offers a long list of capabilities and features for IT professionals and businesses.

remote support tool for SMB

Top features:

  • remote access and reboot to the command prompt
  • multi-session support
  • file transfer options
  • chat
  • advanced analytics and reporting
  • session playback and recording
  • end-to-end encryption
  • two-factor authentication
  • multi-language support


  • Effortless to configure and use
  • Supports multiple operating systems and devices
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Integration options
  • Customizable branding
  • Session playback and recording for training and auditing purposes
  • Robust security with end-to-end encryption and 2-factor authentication


  • Pricing is higher than other providers
  • Plenty of options and features available that may confuse some users
  • Limited customization features


Subscription namePriceCondition
Prepaid$125per 500 min/year
Professional$418.80per license/year
Self-hosted$538.80per license/lifetime
EnterpriseCustomstarts at 24k/year
TrialFree15-day free trial
Supported OS:  macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and devices having a web browser.
Compliance policies: HIPAA and GDPR.
Types of businesses:
  • • 33% of them are small-sized businesses with less than 50 employees
  • • 42% of them are medium-sized businesses, and
  • • 9% of them are large businesses with more than 1000 employees
Industries: The largest consumer segments using ISL Online are:
  • • 24% – Technology and Services
  • • 19% – Computer Software, and
  • • 6% – Education Management

7. Remote Utilities for Windows

Best for: Users of Windows operating system

If you are looking for an affordable yet quality remote desktop connection manager, you can consider Remote Utilities for Windows for your PC. Instead of subscriptions, it offers licenses that cost you only once. This can save significant money for all types of businesses, large or small.

remote support tool for Windows

Top features:

  • file transfer
  • session recording
  • video calls
  • and more


  • Affordable
  • Plenty of advanced features
  • Free trial of 30 days


  • Time-consuming network setups
  • Works on only Windows systems, so, compatibility is limited


Subscription namePriceCondition
Starter$99up to 20 endpoints in total
Mini$249up to 20 endpoints in total
1 user$499Unlimited number of endpoints.
Endpoint$299Number of concurrent users is unlimited, up to 10 endpoints.
Supported OS:  Windows.

8. RemotePC

Best for: small to medium business users.

RemotePC is an effective remote support tool that enables you to access mobile devices and computers remotely no matter where you are. It supports multiple platforms with encrypted, secure connections to ensure better security and privacy in remote work. The software is suitable for business and personal use and can help enhance collaboration and productivity.

Remote Support Software for small business

Top features:

  • file transfer
  • whiteboard
  • remote reconnect and reboot
  • remote printing
  • chat
  • session recording
  • two-factor authentication
  • etc.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with web browsers
  • Excellent performance for Windows computers


  • Lacks video and audio chat
  • Offers no free software version


Subscription namePriceCondition
Consumer$29.50access 1 computer
Consumer$59.5access 2 computers
SOHO$99.50access 10 computers
Team$299.50access 50 computers
Enterprise$599.50access 100 computers
Compliance policies:  HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, FIPS.

Important Factors to Optimize your SMBs While Choosing the Best Remote Support Tools

Consider the below mentioned factors while choosing a remote support software solution for your small or medium scale business.


Budget is a major constraint for small businesses; so, they should look for a remote support tool with affordable plans that can suffice for their operations. Compare different tools based on their pricing and features and choose the best option that’s cost effective and offer value for money.

Based on affordability, one of the best options could be AnyDesk. For personal use, you will get the free version of the software. For business use, it offers many affordable pricing options.


Small businesses might lack deeper technical expertise in their teams. Therefore, they must look for a remote support software solution that is user friendly and comes with an intuitive user interface.

The software you chose must allow you to configure, use, and navigate it effortlessly without the need for much training or skills.

Based on ease of use, FixMe.IT could be a great option as it offers a straightforward tool for users with all skill levels.


Your remote support tool must be compatible with a number of devices and operating systems that small businesses commonly use. It must support macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and other popular platforms to make it increasingly flexible in accessing different devices.

Based on compatibility, Parallels Access is an excellent option as it supports plenty of operating systems and devices.


The remote support software you choose must offer a useful set of features to meet your business demands. Some of the most common features you would need include file transfer, remote device access, session recording, unattended access, chat functionality, and more.

So, look for a software solution that provides you with the necessary features that you can access and use easily without complexities.

Based on feature sets, you can choose ISL Online as you will get a wide range of capabilities and features.


As your business grows, your business requirements and operations increase. Thus, choose for a remote support solution that can seamlessly scale with your changing needs for remote support and device access.

Based on scalability, Splashtop SOS is a great option as it comes with multiple pricing tiers. It can cover your business needs whether your employees are less than 10 or more than 1000.

Security and Privacy

The number of cyberattacks and privacy risks is increasing at an alarming rate, leading to security breaches, data theft, reputation damage, frauds, compliance risks, and whatnot. Therefore, it’s crucial to safeguard your systems, network, and data.

And when you are choosing a remote support solution, look for powerful security and privacy features. It must have authentication protocols, connection security, end-to-end encryption, etc. along with compliance with current regulations for data protection like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.

Based on security, RemotePC is a good option as its security and privacy features are awesome like encrypted, secure connections in remote work.

Customer Support

The quality of customer support is also a major consideration since issues may arise at any time and you may need someone to help you with that.

Hence, look for a software solution that offers reliable and prompt customer service from the vendor. Find out the number of support channels they provide (like phone, chat, email, etc.), help resources like knowledge bases and documentation, and responsiveness.

Based on customer support, you may choose AnyDesk.

Table of comparison

Based on our comprehensive analysis of enterprise remote support tools, we have gathered valuable insights and data. Below, we present a summary of the key findings:

FeaturesHelpWireSplashtop SOSChrome remote desktopFixMe.ITAnyDeskISLOnlineRemote Utilities for WindowsRemotePC
1File Transfer
2Session Log
3Session Recording
4Multi-monitor View
5Remote PrintingWindows only
6Text Chat
7Audio/Video Chataudio only
8Cross-Platform Access
9Free Trial
10Our Rating★★★★★★★★★★★★☆☆☆★★★★☆★★★★★★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★★☆


Yes, Microsoft has a remote support software solution, called remote.exe. It is a command line tool that allows you to control and run the console program from any computer remotely.

There are many remote support software solutions out there, like SplashTop SOS, Rescue by LogMeIn, RemotePC, etc. But, the most popular remote support tools are TeamViewer and AnyDesk. They offer a unique set of features like fast performance, ease of use, file-sharing capabilities, and more.

The performance of both is competent and the user interface is easy-to-use. AnyDesk offers quick commands and built-in navigational tools. On the other hand, TeamViewer gives you a vast range of communication tools. It is used for sharing lightweight files.