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Exciting News: HelpWire Rolls Out Team Management Features!

Author: Yaroslav Kladko
Yaroslav Kladko Article author
Team Management in HelpWire
At HelpWire, we envisioned a platform that simplifies remote access and enhances team collaboration. Committed to delivering a refined experience, we took a bit of extra time to perfect our Team Management features before their debut. Today, we’re taking a major step forward by introducing our eagerly awaited Team Management features.

Introducing Team Management

Teammate Invites. Empower your team by extending unlimited invites, adding them as operators to bolster your company’s remote support efforts.

Company Profile. Set up a distinct company profile on HelpWire, customizing essential details about your organization. Initially, you can manage one company, with plans to expand this capability.

Role Hierarchy. We’ve established clear roles within the platform: company owners have admin rights to edit details and manage the team. At the same time, operators can directly engage with clients but not alter company or team settings.

Centralized Contacts. A shared contacts list ensures all operators have access to and can interact with a comprehensive client database, making client communication smoother and more coordinated.

Cross-team Access. Serve as an invited Support Operator in other companies, while simultaneously being able to register your own company.

For Our Valued Users

Whether you’re a longtime HelpWire user or just discovering us, these Team Management features aim to enhance your remote support delivery. By facilitating easy team management and collaboration, we’re providing more than just a remote desktop tool; we’re offering a solution that evolves with your business needs.

Looking Ahead

The launch of Team Management features is just the start. We’re excited to announce that we’re also working on a highly anticipated Linux version of HelpWire, with more details to follow soon. Plus, we’re planning further enhancements, including the ability to manage multiple company profiles and broader customization options. Stay tuned for these updates as we refine HelpWire into the premier remote desktop service.

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