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Get Started with HelpWire Instantly – No Account Required!

Author: Bohdan Mantula
Bohdan Mantula Article author
Get Started with HelpWire Instantly – No Account Required!

Great news! We’ve introduced a feature that facilitates quick, one-time remote support sessions for users needing ad hoc connections without the commitment of creating a HelpWire account. This innovation simplifies the process of connecting to a remote computer more than ever before.

To start using HelpWire right away, all you need to do is:

  1. Download and launch the HelpWire app without any account setup.
  2. Send the connection link to your client.
  3. Begin remote access and control of your client’s workstation when they approve the connection.

This feature is perfect for users seeking occasional remote desktop sessions through HelpWire but prefer avoiding the account registration steps.

Note:  Access to advanced features requires registering a HelpWire account. These enhanced functionalities include teammate invites, client lists, chat history, and more.

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